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Although no private seating is offered, the Jazz Kitchen often accommodates couples out on the town. It is by far our most requested table, even by couples.”Hours: 11 a.m. At Chef JJ’s table, you’re an active participant in your meal as chefs prepare dishes close by. Listen to live jazz and dine in their low-lit dining area, which lends a chill vibe to a romantic evening out.“We have a rustic atmosphere that’s great for Valentine’s Day. With a modern, yet comfortable atmosphere, you and your date can spend time with each other as well as meeting and chatting with the chef’s right at your table if you like. Our Valentine’s Date Night will be in our Atrium, with high ceilings, windows, nice light fixture and they can watch the chefs cooking. We are not a restaurant, so the chefs can come talk to you about food. In the footage he gives her the card, telling her 'that's you cheating on me' as her expression changes.Kyle had arranged petals across the room and a Valentine's card with a stuffed elephant, left, the woman paused to pick up her drink before calmly leaving the house while Kyle shouted abuse at her, right He claimed when he posted the video on Facebook: 'My "girlfriend" was being shady.This is a place for lifestyle people the Tampa Bay area to post personals, invites to house parties and local swing club information.

The ambience is very, very romantic.”Hours: Opens every day at 5 p.m. Get a couple of bottles of wine to share and commune with those around you. This event-only chef-driven space is one of the most unique dining experiences you can find. Then, enjoy a gourmet meal delivered to the room for the ultimate dining and luxury experience for a mini getaway.” Hours: 6 p.m to 2 a.m. The Libertine offers a shaken, as well as stirred, romantic night out.

They are sweet, but also salty, sour, bitter and savory, so they deserve a night out, too. The real estate on the tabletop is minimal, which can offer many opportunities for hand-holding.“Mama Carolla’s is quaint and it’s just a cozy setting. The bedrooms were converted into the dining rooms, and roses and grapevines drape over the walls, with lighting that adds a lot of ambience. This farm-to-table style restaurant is on the cutting edge of creative dining. It’s semiprivate dining space, each with their own chandelier above the table, offering relaxing lighting. This restaurant offers shareable food for diners, based on the fondue concept. When you walk through the door, you are immediately swept away into a traditional African dining experience.

Here are 10 places around town that will please both your significant other and your sense of taste. I really think red wine and pasta are always romantic. Although most of the seating is open — some even communal — they do boast a special place for foodie couples to have an experience they aren’t likely to forget. Close the curtains and you can’t see into the booths. It’s a must for couples to try, dipping tasty fruit into luxurious warm chocolate and savory bites into their variety of melted cheese. Open Society’s seating and atmosphere is the definition of the restaurant’s name: a warm, inviting communal restaurant. This small, Ethiopian eatery on the west side is warm and welcoming to all. If you want to get intimate, the Omni-Severin and 1913 Restaurant offer a package that will make you feel like royalty.

Very select solo men will be allowed to join on a case by case basis, preferably if they are sponsored by a real couple and/or single lady in the lifestyle and active in our group.

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This year, we have the Indy Jazz Orchestra, jazz big band, American songbook. Their cozy, outdoor deck highlights a velvety nighttime background of twinkling city lights.“Personally, as far as our level of service that we give people, above and beyond.

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