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Sooner Major Theodore 'Ted' Brice is recovered and tells that he needs to retrieve a book of codes, but the airplane is guarded by the Nazis.Meanwhile Ted and Claire fall in love with each other.Her tenure as President motivates her to focus more on her future.She decides to enter the world of politics and upon graduation; Casey is set to start law school.In this first sequel to Disney's High School Musical, student Troy Bolton stresses over getting a job, with the price of college looming on his mind, as well as trying to make sure he and Gabriella Montez are able to stay together all summer. Everyone is anxious for the final school bell, except Ms. Halfway through her speech, the final bell rings and the school goes chaotic ("What Time Is It? After celebrating, the cast talks about how they need summer jobs.But hiring him at the Club is part of a scheme set up by a very Troy Bolton-hungry Sharpay Evans who wants Troy for herself. Troy then talks to Gabriella and tells her that as long as they spend the summer it should be fine.See full summary » Henry Lefay has been married before.

Casey grows more selfless and courageous, often sticking her neck out for the sorority or for one of her sisters in need.

Dot (Belle), a young deaf and mute woman, is sent to live with her godparents (Falco and Donovan) and their daughter (Cuthbert).

The new addition to the household realizes that everything is not copacetic in the home, and the family's dark come to light.

High School Musical 2 is the second film in the High School Musical film franchise.

The World Premiere took place on August 17, 2007 at Disneyland, in Anaheim, California.

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Mongryong marries the beautiful Chunhyang without telling his father, the Governor of Namwon.

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