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They are unique archives of upper-crustal tectonic histories and, importantly, of the prevailing physical and chemical conditions at the time of deformation.

This is because, once formed, faults may be extremely sensitive to variations of the stress field and environmental conditions and are readily prone to slip and reactivation in a variety of settings, also in regions affected by only weak, far-field stresses.

Faults are more than just the visible evidence of momentous brittle deformation.

The two visited a tent camp for asylum seekers in Næstved.

Danish parties have pressured Støjberg to copy a proposed Norwegian provision that would allow the denial of all asylum seekers who do not come directly from countries in conflict in emergency situations but Danish press reported on Friday that she had shot down the suggestion.

Listhaug said she was open to some of the previously-agreed 1,500 asylum seekers coming from Turkey as part of the EU deal, but stressed that the total sum of 750 this year and 750 the next is not up for negotiation.

Listhaug was in Denmark on Friday to visit with her Danish counterpart, Inger Støjberg.

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In our part of the world, the changes in the Arctic region are particularly dramatic and worrying. Brende, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway, is visiting Tanzania 29 - 30 June. Brende who is visiting Dar es Salaam will meet several Government Ministers to discuss bilateral and multilateral issues of common interest.