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Gangster dating

Now, not only does she have to deal with dirty looks from the girls in school who want Kenji for themselves, but her supposed boyfriend is getting on her nerves.

He's hotheaded, never seems to agree with her on anything-and everything about him screams gangster.

Just after 8pm last Thursday, a stocky, shaven-headed 44-year-old man wearing a tracksuit swaggered down the gangplank from the Hook of Holland ferry just as the rain stopped falling on the worn, stone flagstones of Harwich docks in East Anglia.By 3am the following morning, Warren, a man Interpol once called Target One and whose bleak, eagle-eyed stare had chilled the blood of hundreds of lesser criminals in this country over two decades, was comfortably ensconced in a city centre hotel on the banks of the Mersey, ready to begin the rest of his life as a free man.Perhaps inevitably, given the best gangster traditions, Warren spent the following morning visiting his elderly mother, Sylvia, who hasn't been in the best of health since his father died at the age of 65, in 2000.Curtis Warren, one of Britain's richest gangsters - a former drug baron with an illegal fortune estimated to exceed £100 million - was returning to Britain after almost 11 years in a Dutch jail - and he could be out to reclaim his empire.There was just a trace of an icy smile on his round boxer's face as Warren - always known to his friends as Cocky, The Cocky Watchman or just The Cock - acknowledged a small party of police and Customs men whohad turned up to watch him disembarkto let him know that his return was notgoing unnoticed. He then climbed into a waiting silver Lexus to take the seven-hour drive back to his native Liverpool.

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