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) vaudevillian On Valentine’s Day, the world awoke to more evidence that Donald Trump’s presidency is one yuuuuge, nostalgic tribute to the slapstick heyday of American music hall. Trump remains a greater threat to global security than the Keystone Kops, none of whom showed enthusiasm for using nuclear warheads as first-strike weapons.As with the portly Young Leader in Pyongyang, we don’t want to laugh ourselves to death by letting the funny stuff occlude the dangers.Flynn’s resignation hints that Trump is less divorced from reality than he appears.Were he wholly cocooned within the fantasy bubble of his own omnipotence, he’d have dismissed the allegations as fake news and tried to brazen it out Roses are red Trump’s face is vermilion He looks more than ever Like a sad (!White House press secretary Sean Spicer tried to blame President Obama for the Mike Flynn fiasco Thursday by saying it was the prior administration that renewed Flynn's security clearance.Spicer brought up Obama – who himself fired Flynn years ago – hours after it was publicly revealed that a Pentagon inspector general is launching an investigation into Flynn, who served as one of Trump's key advisors during the campaign.The history of the Logan Act dates back to the founding days of the country. George Logan, a private citizen, engaged in freelance diplomacy with the government of revolutionary France.The Federalists, then in control of the federal government, were not pleased by what they perceived as Dr.

Conway told MSNBC late in the afternoon that he retained the president's full confidence, only to have White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declare less than an hour later that Trump was 'evaluating' Flynn's role at the White House.

Trump brought Flynn into the White House as his national security advisor despite public press reports before the election about a paid speech he made for the anniversary of Kremlin-backed Russia Today.

He was seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 2015 event.

about Flynn raise questions about whether Flynn violated a law known as the Logan Act.

It’s a law that no one has ever been found guilty of violating, despite being on the books since 1798, according to The Washington Post, which added, “It seems its main purpose these past 200 years has been as a political weapon for the opposition party to cast doubt on the other party’s foreign policies.” The key here seems to be the belief that Flynn misled Vice President Mike Pence about what was in conversations that were recorded.

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Donald Trump's administration was informed last month that Michael Flynn may have lied to the vice president about his conversation with a Russian official about easing sanctions on that nation.

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