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I truly want to follow the right path and could be easily persuaded to believe another religion but no one has been able to answer this for me: If God said that his Messiah would be a great political leader,would bring peace to the world, would rebuild the temple and reunite the Jews, then why do Christians believe Jesus was that Messiah?

The only answer I have been given is that I guess Jesus promised to fulfill the prophecy in his 2nd The way I would like to approach your question is to look at the messianic options available to first century Jews, in interpreting the messianic prophecies.

my beliefs are that of Judaism, but my mother is always trying to convince me that the only way to God is through Jesus.

The problem is that she cannot give me any explanation as to why I should believe Jesus was the Messiah when in fact he never fulfilled the prophecy that God stated in the Old Testament.

A short history of those who helped us with the initial technical support and funding ; We (Jim a physicist & Rhoda a chemist both with many years of senior level experience) were commissioned to research and build a very accurate replica of the IMSS 2428 telescope for Griffith observatory Ca., the 2427 telescope for Adler Planetarium , Chicago, to build replica's both of and to furnish exploded half models to show their unique interior construction, for the IMSS in Florence Italy ( where the originals are kept) We also developed and furnished several Canadian science centers with beautiful representative models of the 2428 with Galileo's negative and Kepler positive eyepieces.

We provide the reader more accurate and valuable information about How and Why Galileo made them and provide this in various forms for display and other teaching aids or to use or make your own.

The authors can never thank enough all those at IMSS who gave us access to the originals and information about their recent restoration so that we might make the most accurate reproductions of these historically significant scientific instrument for the public so they might learn and enjoy them to their fullness.

While many organizations may urge you to “add validation” as a quick survey tip, that’s about as far as their suggestion often goes.

Equipment validation is a term used to describe a set of independent procedures that are used to check if a product meets the specifications and requirements of its intended purposes.

Regulatory agencies around the world have strict requirements for quality, procedures, performance testing, safety checks and the like, for a wide range of products.

Now a senior research statistician at a major healthcare organization, Collingridge has since researched and compiled his own method for validating survey questions, a strategy he shared in a Sage Publications article posted on Method Space.

What It Means Validating a survey refers to the process of assessing the survey questions for their dependability.

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In precision instruments, lab equipment or specialized machinery, even minor inaccuracies can cause problems and lead to inaccurate or incomplete results.

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