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Yaho stat tracker not updating

We’ve made some improvements to make your fantasy season better.What’s new:* Brought our revamped mobile draft experience to auction drafts * Added support for chat in Daily Fantasy * Bug fixes and general improvements * Defended Vontaze after he “fell on” teammate Gio Bernard’s knees in practice, reminding folks that nobody’s burfict In order for it to work on my Apple Watch I needed to uninstall the app on my phone and then reinstall, re-sign in, and then it allowed me to see on my apple watch.Favorite features: Manage your roster - pick up players and make trades in the app.

A few days after we grabbed the example above, we pulled up the same SERPs for “castello” in Germany and found that they had become a one-to-one match.

But unlike AT&T (which bought Direc TV and is in the process of buying Time Warner) or Comcast (which bought NBCUniversal and invested in companies like and our own Vox Media), Verizon’s plan is far more lowbrow: it’s going to churn out as much cheap content as it can from AOL and Yahoo and tell advertisers it can do a better job of delivering eyeballs because it has better ad-tracking capabilities than Google and Facebook. “The ability to combine my browsing history and my location on the most personal and sensitive thing we own — the smartphone — with the tonnage inventory of AOL, MSN, and Yahoo is an interesting play,” says Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next, a trade group dedicated to better online advertising. I just think it's bad for the marketplace overall.” And now, with the new privacy not-rules, Verizon is free to take the data generated from the tracking supercookies it imposes on its network customers, mash it up with AOL’s ad stack, and promise advertisers hyper-targeted marketing information that can’t be blocked or stopped because Verizon will own both the pipes and an enormous amount of the content flowing through it.

What Verizon wants, more than anything, is a piece of Google’s ad business. VZ: We want to combine an ISP & ad network Devil: Name your oath2 years later: VZ: You took care of Congress. https://t.co/k Ua N2cd EHk— Ben Thompson (@benthompson) April 4, 2017 The ISPs were explicit about what they wanted during the Congressional debates on the privacy rules — they have tons of consumer data because they own the pipes, and they want to be able to use that data without permission. Verizon owns the networks that deliver the mobile data, along with lots of broadband internet to the home, plus the stores where many people buy their smartphones and the bloatware that runs on them.

Two seemingly unrelated things happened Monday that actually point directly at the future of the internet: 1.

Verizon was scooped into admitting that it’s going to rename the combined zombie corpses of AOL and Yahoo “Oath,” which is a terrible name that comes second only to Tronc. President Trump signed the bill that allows ISPs to share your browsing data without permission. Yahoo Mail can’t stop losing your passwords but it’s still massive.

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